Bruner House is led by Kevin Bruner, the founder and former CEO of Telltale Games. Kevin is a renowned technologist and BAFTA award winning producer.

From classic adventures like Grim Fandango to modern block busters like The Walking Dead (winner of over 80 “Game of the Year” awards) Kevin Bruner has been critically involved in 20+ narrative games. Under his guidance, Telltale created a whole new gaming genre and grew into a world class development studio and a leading publisher of interactive content.

Bruner House is pushing the boundaries of interactive story telling even further.

Highlights of Bruner’s previous work

  • Winner - Best Story, The Walking Dead

  • Nominee - Best Story, The Wolf Amongst Us

  • Winner - Excellence in Narrative - The Wolf Among Us

  • Winner - Excellence in Convergence - Batman: The Telltale Series

  • Winner - Adventure Game of the Year - The Wolf Among Us

  • Winner - Best Narrative, Outstanding Achievement in Story - The Wolf Among Us

  • Winner - Best Writing, Comedy - Tales from the Borderlands

  • Nominee - Best Writing, Comedy - Minecraft: Story Mode

  • 100 Most Creative People 2013


The Walking Dead has garnered 80+ "Game of the Year" awards, including the Spike Video Game Awards, Game Developer's Choice Awards, Destructoid, Digital Trends, Yahoo! Games, USA Today, Wired, Complex, GamesRadar and Official Xbox Magazine. It was nominated for eight D.I.C.E. Interactive Achievement Awards winning "Adventure Game of the Year" as well as being nominated for five British Academy Video Games Awards winning "Best Story".


 “The Walking Dead video game is easily the best Walking Dead story ever told. Here’s why: You’re literally forced to engage with it. The game is built on a system that asks the player to constantly make decisions both micro (Which of my friends needs this apple the most?) and macro (Should I crush this dude’s head with a salt lick?). The real strength of the experience is that difficult choices feel so much weightier when you’re the one making them. “

-- Scott Meslo -

“Why the Walking Dead Video Game Is So Much Better Than the Show”