Layoffs at Telltale

I’m deeply saddened by the news coming out of Telltale today.  My thoughts are with the employees who have been impacted, as well as their families.

I will always take an enormous amount of pride in Telltale and especially the people who have accomplished so much there. Telltale helped return story to the forefront of games and breathed new life into a classic genre.  

Since founding the studio in 2004, Telltale has become a premier place for talented people who are passionate about innovative storytelling to come together and explore their craft.  

Every studio changes. I left Telltale in March of this year, and the studio is moving ahead under new leadership. I continue to be driven by my fascination for interactive stories.  The passion that was ignited as a little kid playing Infocom text adventures continues to fuel me.

I’m confident that the Telltale employees affected today will continue to follow their passions and advance the state of the art in new and interesting ways.  I look forward to seeing the many exciting contributions that Telltale and those who’ve been part of the studio make in the years to come.

Originally posted November 7, 2017

Kevin Bruner