From script writing to technology and asset production. We've got you covered.


Specialist in Interactive Narrative

At Bruner House, we bring together technology, writers, and producers to bring interactive story telling everywhere.

Writers and Designers

Interactive writing responds to the audience in ways that traditional mediums simply can’t. Traditional story telling (film, television, and novels) are “one-size-fits-all” mediums. But interactive is different!

Imagine being able to create a custom version of the story that is customized for each and every person. If the audience prefers romance over battles, then we focus on the love story. If they prefer blood and guts, then we emphasize the action scenes. This is the power that video games, mobile games, and interactive television gives to the story teller!

Writing and designing interactive stories takes specialized skills, and Bruner House brings together some of the best and most accomplished interactive writers in the world. We are also expert at bringing traditional television and film writers into this exciting new world.

Production Services

Interactive stories can turn into complicated mazes if you’re not careful! Bruner House brings years of expertise in navigating these production challenges. We can help throughout the entire production process.

From scripting writing, project scoping, production scheduling, and budgeting all the way through to code and asset production, we’ve got you covered.


Interactive story telling is the blend of craft and technology. You can’t do it without both. Bruner House utilizes a brand new narrative engine to create world class interactive stories.

Our system is web based, collaborative, and flexible enough to build anything from AAA video game content, mobile chat stories, and even VR/AR experiences.

Contact us to learn more about Beanie, our narrative engine.